As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, QIANGXIN stands out as a foundry committed to consistently producing high quality castings to our clients.

We developed a comprehensive Quality Control Procedures with the modern testing equipment and carried out by our highly skilled personnel. The procedures begins from raw materials, through our manufacturing processes, to final inspection.

Quality Control Equipments:

• Metallurgical laboratory
• 21 channel NCS-Spectrometer
• Ultrasonic Tester (thickness / hardness)
• Magnetic Particle Yoke (MPI)
• Tensile testing machine
• Impact testing machine
• Laser dimension measurer
• Metallurgical microscope


Over the years of operation, our business has developed a total supply chain system for our clients. From assistance of designing, pattern making, parts casting to CNC machining, testing, painting, with the help of our qualified partners, we are able to provide a single source for all your castings requirements.

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