Pipe Fitting Series Casting

What We Do
  1. We supply ferrous castings Casting sizes:  From 100 to 3500 Kg(100 to 3000pound) Metals:  High quality stainless steelcarbon steelgrey iron and ductile iron. Austenitic gray irons, Austenitic ductile irons, Austempered ductile irons, Heat resistant irons Abrasion-resistant irons, Corrosion resistant iron alloys Method:  Sand casting, Investment casting, Evaporative-pattern casting  
  2. We supply no-ferrous castings Casting sizes:  From 10 to 2,000 Kg(100 to 3000pound) Metals:  Aluminum, brass, magnesium, bronze, zinc, titanium and lead. Method:  die-casting, investment casting, centrifugal casting, vacuum casting and high-pressure casting
  1. Most of our castings can be machined as required By the help of our own machining workshop and third-party partners,we offer a complete machining capability in support of your cast products

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