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1. High wear and impact resistance With scientific and reasonable formulation of alloy elements, the liner of SAG mill has good physical and chemical properties, high impact, produce hardened layer around the alloy surface constantly during the application, and improve the wear resistance. 2. High strength, high toughness By using the special quenching medium agent with thermal stability in the quenching process, SAG mill lining plate combine high strength, high hardness and high toughness perfectly, since greatly improve the impact toughness, so can be used in SAG mill has a larger diameter, satisfy high impact and wear resistance technological requirements. 3. High cost-effective, strong adaptability Through the independent designed heat treatment process of our company, SAG mill lining plate has a unique feature with quenching,combine high hardness and high toughness. So that the product not only has good wear resistance and high impact load resistance, but also improves the grinding efficiency and increases the machine-hour capacity.

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