What is precision casting? What is the direction of China’s foundry industry?

Precision casting is a general term for precision casting processes in precision forming processes.

Including: investment casting, ceramic casting, metal casting, pressure casting, lost foam casting. This is a casting method compared to conventional casting processes. It can achieve relatively accurate shape and high casting precision. It is common practice to first make the desired blank (very small or no residue) of the electrode, then use the electrode to etch the mold body to form a cavity, and obtain the original wax pattern by casting the wax. Brush the high temperature liquid sand on the wax mold. After obtaining a sufficient thickness, air drying and reheating can dissolve the interior of the wax mold to obtain the same cavity as the desired blank. Then pour the cast iron into the cavity, solidify, and then peel off the outer casing to get the precision manufactured product! Precision casting is also known as wax loss casting. Its products are precise and complex, close to the final shape of the part. They can be used directly without processing or small processing. Therefore, investment casting is an advanced near-net forming process.

China’s precision casting industry should focus on these four aspects of development:
1. Improve the quality and reliability of castings and produce high quality near-final castings.

2. Shorten the delivery time.

3. Protect the environment and reduce or even eliminate pollution.

4. Reduce production costs.

In order to reach the world’s advanced level, manufacturers must proceed from the reality of China and promote the development of precision casting industry as soon as possible.