Lost foam series casting

Lost foam process is to use foam (EPS, STMMA or EPMMA) polymer materials to produce casting parts structure, which is exactly the same size of mould. After dip-coating refractory coating (reinforcement, bright and clean, well ventilated effect), and drying, foam is buried in the dry quartz sand. Under negative pressure condition, pouring into the molten metal, and polymer material model will be heat gasification, and then making the liquid metal cooling solidification. The metal part is the casting. We produce lost foam castings, including motor housing, cylinder body, gearbox, high chromium cast iron - wear-resistant parts, valve body, pipe fitting, pump housing, agricultural machinery products, machine tool parts and so on. Specification
Process Investment casting  Precision casting  Lost foam casting
Processing Ability Surface finishment:           Ra1.6-Ra3.2
Size tolerance:                  VDG P690 D2
Maximum size:                  ≤1200mm×800mm×400mm
Weight range:                   0.1Kg-120Kg
Material stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, heat-resistant steel,hardend steel,mild steel
Brass CuZn38,H62Aluminum bronze AB2,863
Cast aluminium alloy ZL101,ZL114A,A356
Application Mechanical Components/partsBoat parts and Marine hardware Construction hardware Auto parts and accessories Medical Instrument parts pump & valve parts and accessories Impellers and propellers(propellors) Pipe Fittings or pipeline accessories Other industry metal casting parts
Design Various type of 2D or 3D drawings are acceptable,such as JPG,PDF,DWG,DXF,IGS,STP,X_T,SLDPRT etc.
Inspection Dimension inspectionChemical composition analysis (Spectrum analysis) Mechanical property testing X-Ray inspection Dye penetrant inspection Magnetic powder inspection Metallographic inspections