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1. Can you provide OEM production processing and product services? The company has its own factory and professional foreign trade business department, which can carry out customized processing of products, production and improvement of processing technology, control of costs, and improvement of quality. Enterprises can sample and map manufacturing products according to the needs of customers, that is, we are Professional OEM manufacturer. The foreign trade business unit is the bridge between the company and its customers: it accepts the feedback inquiry, the progress and quality of the samples and batch orders. 2. What information can I provide before purchasing a product to place an order? Can provide the relevant product models, specifications, prices, quality inspection methods, maximum and minimum set up, packaging, transportation options. 3. How to choose products to meet our needs? We can produce products with a very clear and detailed product catalog and product description. You can choose according to your actual needs in the product catalog and will send us an inquiry or email or phone. We will give you a satisfactory reply within 1 working day after receiving any of your information. 4. Which industries do the purchased products apply to? We are a professional OEM manufacturer. Our products are widely used in machinery, medical, chemical, shipbuilding, construction, food and other industries. As long as there is a demand for spare parts, we can process it for production. 5. How to ensure the quality of OEM products? Our OEM services include: sample customization and custom drawings (1) Customization: Our engineering designers will use 3D to plot the size and characteristics of the sample, plot the AUTOCAD and 3D model, send it to the customer for confirmation, and start the production of the mold or product. (2) To customize the plans: We receive drawings from our customers to check if all tolerances and features are satisfied. If possible, we will start production and processing of molds and products. In order to meet the needs of customers, we have corresponding production and processing equipment and testing methods. Machining equipment: Mazak CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers: 3 sets Tolerances can be controlled within +/- 0.005mm.
CNC Lathe 4 sets of tolerances can be controlled at /-0.015mm 
Detection means CMM (subcontract)
Mitutoyo inside diameter dial indicator 18
Mitutoyo outside diameter dial gauge 20
Digital display percent caliper 10

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