Customized lost wax castings

Lost-wax casting is one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques, it is the process by which a duplicate metal sculpture is cast from an original sculpture. In its earliest forms, beeswax was used to form patterns necessary for the casting process. Today, more advanced waxes, such as Water glasssilica sol and specialist alloys are typically used for making patterns.  
Process Investment casting  Precision casting  Lost wax casting
Processing Ability Surface finishment:           Ra1.6-Ra3.2
Size tolerance:                  VDG P690 D2
Maximum size:                  ≤1200mm×800mm×400mm
Weight range:                   0.1Kg-120Kg
Material stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, heat-resistant steel,hardend steel,mild steel
Brass CuZn38,H62Aluminum bronze AB2,863
Cast aluminium alloy ZL101,ZL114A,A356
Application Mechanical Components/partsBoat parts and Marine hardwareConstruction hardwareAuto parts and accessoriesMedical Instrument partspump & valve parts and accessories Impellers and propellers(propellors) Pipe Fittings or pipeline accessories Other industry metal casting parts
Design Various type of 2D or 3D drawings are acceptable,such as JPG,PDF,DWG,DXF,IGS,STP,X_T,SLDPRT etc.
Inspection Dimension inspectionChemical composition analysis (Spectrum analysis)Mechanical property testingX-Ray inspectionDye penetrant inspectionMagnetic powder inspection Metallographic inspections

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